Storm Water Management

We are one of the Best Companies in Canada Providing complete Storm Water Management Solutions.

Storm water Harvesting

Every year tremendous amounts of storm water runoff is flushed down traditional systems, which end up contaminating natural waterways with gross and dissolved pollutants. Atlantis provides viable alternatives that completely replace antiquated systems, providing a sustainable solution with the added benefit of immediate reuse of clean water. This is a major advantage for communities experiencing low rainfall or water restrictions.

Installation of a Storm water Harvesting Tank

A Complete System...

Kasa provides a complete storm water harvesting solution. In conjunction with our partners, we offer storm water filtration, water storage, integrated irrigation system and the purification of storm water.

• Harvest Stormwater
• Reduce Polluted Stormwater Runnoff
• Protect Natural Bushland and Creeks
• Provide an ecologically sustainable stormwater system
Water System Options consisting of
• Water Storage - Unlimited storage capacity
• Irrigation Systems - Surface and Sub Surface systems
• Water Purification Plants
• Filtration Media - Bio remediating soils are available to treat common contaminants found in stormwater runoff
Ideally Installed Into
• Sports Fields
• Parks & Gardens
• Car Parking Lots
• Community Land
Collect and Purify Stormwater from
• Roads
• Car Parking Lots
• Sport Fields Runoff
• Urban Runoff
• Rooftops