Mission and Vision



We will leverage our strengths to supply leading-edge products of

  • PVC pipes & fittings.
  • ABS pipes & fittings.
  • Gasketed pipes & fittings.
  • DI & CI pipes & fittings.
  • Gray cast iron municipal castings.
  • Building supplies.
  • Electrical items.
  • And Strom water solutions.   

and many more  at right time and prices to our contractors who execute complex national-scale projects to facilitate development work for the benefit of our society. We will work closely with our contractors, consumers and businesses in British Columbia and whole of Canada.
We will offer unparalleled value to create our customer delight and enhance business and work
productivity both onsite and offsite.

" We will also generate value for our capabilities beyond British Columbia borders and enable our contractors and other suppliers whom we represent to deliver their services throughout Canada."



The successful rolling out of Kasa Mechanical Store at King George Blvd to supply it’s   services across the BC  marks the second chapter of ‘Kasa Mechanical Ltd.’ commitment to supply its products of building supplies  to  its customer base in lower main land and whole of BC.  Kasa Mechanical Ltd. is setting new standards for others  to follow through inventive use of cutting-edge technologies. 

The setting of new store of TIMBER-MART  by  Kasa Mechanical Ltd.  will now help our customer in getting a right mix of product at  their doorsteps.

The uniqueness of Kasa Mechanical Ltd.’ Store initiative lies in the fact that our entire operations in BC has been being conceptualized and built from ground zero.

Our group focus  is designed to deliver affordable quality products to our contractors at right price and thus reducing the overall cost of the project and contributing to their bottom line.

Kasa Mechanical Ltd.’ is set to revolutionize lower mainland  society of contractors  by removing the traditional bottlenecks of supply chain management by working on the concept of JIT.